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limescale buildup on pool tile

Look no further if you require professional pool, spa, and custom water feature resurfacing. Do you suffer from broken tile? Pool plaster spotting and deteriorating? When you contact us at Commercial Pool Services, our quality service begins immediately.


Your pool and spa plastering process starts with a review of your water feature. Followed up by a thorough discussion with you, regarding your best pool resurfacing options for repair or renewal. Based on your pool size and design requirements, we draft an estimated cost. Once you’ve approved it, we begin your pool plastering job. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Aluminum Formwork

We turn your raw excavations into a work of art. We can breathe new life into an outdated pool, spa, or custom water feature.

We can take your tired and weather beaten spa or pool, and reveal its true potential, complete with new tiles, coping, and decking. If your swimming pool’s surface is unattractively stained or dangerously eroded, it might be safer to apply a new one in a fresh new finish.



No pool job is too small or too large, whether it is a straightforward plaster, or an entire redesign and refurbishment of your swimming pool or spa area. As you’d expect, we can offer you a competitive price with access to high quality materials and products, with meticulous craftsmen-like installation.

On-going maintenance of your pool and pool area is vital for many reasons, but primarily for the health and safety of your guests, friends and family. This is why we offer our valued customers a wide range of pool services. Regular pool and tile cleaning enables us to check the immediate state of the surfaces. There may be some problem areas which are easy to identify and correct.
When plaster becomes stained, you know that there is a problem with metals which have come into contact with the pool. Green stains, for instance suggest copper contamination, and red is normally iron. Either of these could come from pipes and their fittings. Should any colour manifest itself, contact us for an immediate consultation. And if you start seeing large dark areas, then it may be the pool lining – or gunite – showing though. Replaster is the only option in that case.


Pool & Spa Tile Repair & Cleaning Services

Don’t immediately panic if you see tiny cracks in the plaster. This may be effects from variations in temperature especially when it is first applied. They pose no structural hazard. Neither should there be any risk of pool water leakage. We can ensure that they are repaired completely and invisibly.

We don’t need to remind you that any damage to the surface plaster, coping paving, or pool deck needs immediate attention. Reassuringly for pool owners, plaster finishes should last around twenty years, with fairly slow levels of degradation. However it will need renewing at some point in the future. You can assist in prolonging the lifespan of the plaster by maintaining the pH levels of the water.

We can offer you training and advice so that you get the best out of your pool and keep it beautiful for many years to come – Call Today (714) 677-8445.




It’s not just the large expanse of underwater material that needs attention. Concrete pavers are a number one option for the areas surrounding pools because they are long lasting, slip resistant and come in an endless variety of size and finish to suit the final design. Modern materials ensure that they are they are salt resistant and immune to the discolouring effects of chlorine. Although the initial cost may be higher than stamped and colored concrete, they offer value for money in the long term. They are easy to maintain, needing regular sweeping and occasional rinsing to prevent a build-up of organic material. We believe that pavers are convenient to repair, match and replace. Pavers are resistant to cracking and settling but if one ever breaks they are easy to replace and cost less than a typical brick which is a distinct advantage for commercial properties over time, however we ensure that all pavers are properly laid over a stable sub base and are always willing to replace any if needed. Call us today for a free no obligation quote (714) 677-8445.

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