Orange County Los Angeles Pool Maintenance

Custom pool and spa maintenance plans designed specifically for your water features. We offer both commercial and residential pool maintenance.


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Providing custom pool and spa construction for your residential or commercial property. From decorative water features to Olympic-size pools we can build them all.

Pool Maintenance Orange County
Custom pool and spa maintenance plans designed specifically for your water features. We offer both commercial and residential pool maintenance.
Apartment Pool Service Orange County
Servicing and repairing all types of pool equipment. We service salt generators, pool heaters, swimming pool pumps and more.



We offer swimming pool maintenance to all residential and commercial properties throughout Los Angeles & Orange County California. We understand proper pool and spa maintenance is a big responsibility for home owners and commercial properties. For commercial pool maintenance the health and safety of swimmers in Orange County & Los Angeles depends upon proper water balance and care of equipment, and the equipment will depend heavily on the correct amount of chemical balance in order to avoid costly repairs which must be recorded at least 3x per day for state inspections. Pool and spa downtime can cost the pool facility money as well as the potential loss of customers. We always like to remind our commercial clientele that commercial pool equipment is expensive and needs to be serviced and maintained regularly.



When it comes to pool pumps, filtration, and resurfacing/ pool plaster, we like emphasize proper pool maintenance with chemical and equipment handling as the inability to manage these correctly can cost your property thousands is pool repairs. Proper water chemistry maintenance will avoid these long-term costly aquatic pool resurfacing and equipment issues. In regards to pool heater repair, low calcium water will attack metal fittings and heat ex-changers resulting in destruction of the fittings or pinhole leaks in the heater, not to mention when such corrosion occurs, it is also common for stains to appear on pool surfaces.Ever notice fine-grain-sand in your pool or spa? This might be because one of your pool filters needs repair and sand is making its way back into your pool. This is caused by the laterals inside your pool filter breaking and the need to correct this filter repair or replacement entirely



We are highly skilled and certified to handle any of your pool and water feature equipment repairs. We service both commercial and residential pool repairs, resurfacing, pump repairs, pool and spa heater repairs, pool filter repairs, pool light repairs, and many more swimming pool repair services.

We offer repairs on all pools, spas, saltwater systems, and custom water features..

  • 12 commercial poolequipment service
  • 3 Chlorine
  • 7.8 Ph
  • 100 Total Alkalinity
  • 3500 Salt
  • 300 Calcium Hardness
  • 70 Cyanuric Acid Stabilizer (CYA)



It is important for your pool and spa maintenance to remain appropriately regulated and on-point when dealing with water chemistry. Without proper swimming pool maintenance and water chemistry balance, your pool plaster will deteriorate quicker than that of a pool with appropriate chemical balance resulting in you having to hire a pool resurfacing company like us to come in and fix an issue that could have been avoided. We install professional auto-feeder chemistry regulators on our commercial property as well as some larger residential swimming pools, this is a great way to reduce your pool repair liability.


Bi-Weekly Pool & Spa Services available

We understand your property need a swimming pool service company that is certified, knows the local “rules and regulations” and will maintain a proactive approach when maintaining your pool and spa equipment. Our emergency pool service technicians are trained to repair your pool and spa heater, resurface/ replaster your water feature, repair your pool filtration, and offer many more pool repair services 24/7 365 for each and every client. What’s the best part you ask? You are being serviced by a company with over 40 years of professional pool service experience! We offer multi-day pool and spa maintenance contracts for every property we service. Depending on the maintenance requirements of your water-feature, we offer custom maintenance contracts for each property as needed. Interested in building a swimming pool, spa or custom water feature? Our pool contractors are licensed, bonded, insured and will walk your company through the process from beginning to

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