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Professional Pool, Spa, & Custom Water Feature Construction – When contracting with Commercial Pool Services, our pool and spa construction process starts with reviewing your property and designing your ideal water feature on our pool creation software. This allows us to get an idea of your ideal swimming pool construction wants and needs before we break ground.
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All water features are built with your end-game in mind and taking into consideration how you want your entire backyard to look like once your pool is finished and that in the following years from when we have constructed your pool or spa, that you will still be pleased and just as happy as when we first built your water feature.
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We also build custom fountain and waterfalls for residential and commercial properties. We understand not everyone wants a pool or spa constructed yet would like something to create an enjoyable ambiance for entertaining or to cover up unwanted noise. We have had multiple commercial and residential properties hire us to create decorative water features such as pondless waterfalls and fountains to cover up nearby freeway noise.


Custom Pool & Spa Construction Services

Commercial and Residential clients wanting larger pool construction, we offer insight to building an Olympic-sized pool for to ease any curiosity as of large pool construction costs and the processes to consider before building a water feature without a good game plan.

Olympic pools are built on a much larger scale than the standard swimming pool, but are very similar. The pool area must first be excavated to the correct depth and elevation, and the excavated area must be contoured during construction. In order to hold the pool’s structure together, a steel frame is used and set with light niches. If a certified spa and pool contractor builds an in-ground pool using concrete, they use concrete known as Gunite. It is specially formulated and shot into place. It is finished using a hand trowel to shape it. The supporting structure of a vinyl lined pool is built of reinforced steel, and before the vinyl can be put into place, the surface must be prepared.
The chosen pool tile and coping are added next. Finally, the pool surround materials, deck, and landscaping are installed. Once these steps are completed, the swimming pool is ready to be filled. Filtering equipment must be started and the water is tested to establish the right chemical balance.



Are you thinking about constructing an Olympic-size pool onto a commercial or residential property? Is your job just to build the pool? Or, are you developing the entire project? Building a pool on a commercial or residential property could cost more than half a million dollars, and that does not include the other buildings that go along with it. Plan on spending $180/square foot. You should start by calculating the cost of a single lane and decide how big to go from there.
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Once the cost of the pool is calculated, you must consider how much an architectural membrane will cost if you plan on keeping it covered and figure out how much it will cost to run the filter.

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