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Hire only the best pool service company in Southern California to service your residential and commercial water features. California Pool Services works with pool contractors and pool service technicians that service all types of water features including pools, spas, fountains, and many more custom built water features requiring maintenance, repair, or construction. We service both Orange County & Los Angeles pools as well as other South County Pool cities, our goal is ensuring each and every water feature is running smooth, and as clean as possible. Why choose California Pool Services?

Quality and reliability are the first two very important factors when researching a professional pool company. Our company has worked all types of clients, both residential and commercial including apartment complexes, pool facilities, and residential homes with pools and water features of all shapes and sizes.
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Allow a company with over 40 years of professional aquatic service to maintain your natural water features. We offer multi-day pool and spa maintenance contracts for every property we service.
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We know that to deliver better services to our clients we should use the latest technologies. We successfully implement them in our work and integrate to traditional ones.
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California Pool Service  team is the heart of the company. A lot of of our teammembers work here for many years and achieved success in their professions. They are real experts and talented people who love their job and do it on the highest level.

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