Providing custom pool and spa construction for your residential or commercial property. From decorative water features to Olympic-size pools we can build them all.

Pool & SPA Repair

Servicing and repairing all types of pool equipment. We service salt generators, pool heaters, swimming pool pumps.

POOL & SPA Remodel

On-going maintenance of your pool and pool area is vital for many reasons, but primarily for the health and safety of your guests.


Custom pool and spa maintenance plans designed specifically for your water features. We offer both commercial and residential pool maintenance.




When it comes to pool pumps, filtration, and resurfacing/ pool plaster, we like emphasize proper pool maintenance with chemical and equipment handling as the inability to manage these correctly can cost your property thousands is pool repairs. Proper water chemistry maintenance will avoid these long-term costly aquatic pool resurfacing and equipment issues. In regards to pool heater repair, low calcium water will attack metal fittings and heat ex-changers resulting in destruction of the fittings or pinhole leaks in the heater, not to mention when such corrosion occurs, it is also common for stains to appear on pool surfaces.Ever notice fine-grain-sand in your pool or spa? This might be because one of your pool filters needs repair and sand is making its way back into your pool. This is caused by the laterals inside your pool filter breaking and the need to correct this filter repair or replacement entirely.

Chris Nicholes, Pool Technician
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