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Weekly Pool Maintenance

Custom Pool Maintenance Plans for your Commercial or Residential Pool
We provide custom swimming pool service plans for your water features. Servicing apartments, hotels, and other commercial pools should be based on the use of the specific water feature. Allow a company with over 40 years of professional aquatic service to maintain your swimming pools and custom water features.
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Pool Repair Service

Professional Pool Plaster and Filtration Repair.

We offer custom pool renovations and complete rebuilds. Our pool contractors are capable of any pool, spa, or custom water feature repair.We offer custom warranties on commercial pool equipment and for larger clientele requiring a commercial pool service company.
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Orange County Swimming Pool & Spa Services

Hire only the best pool service company in Southern California to service your residential and commercial water features. We service all types of water features including pools, spas, fountains, and many more custom built water features requiring maintenance, repair, or construction. We service Orange County pools as well as South County pools, our goal is ensuring each and every water feature is running smooth, and as clean as possible.

 Why choose Commercial Pool Services? Quality and reliability are the first two very important factors when researching a professional pool company. Our company has worked all types of clients, both residential and commercial including apartment complexes, pool facilities, and residential homes with pools and water features of all shapes and sizes. We are compliance depot certified and ready to work with your apartment management company or hotel service team if required.

We understand your property need a swimming pool service company that is certified, knows the local “rules and regulations” and will maintain a proactive approach when maintaining your pool and spa equipment. Our emergency pool service technicians are trained to repair your pool and spa heater, resurface/ replaster your water feature, repair your pool filtration, and offer many more pool repair services 24/7 365 for each and every client.

What’s the best part you ask? You are being serviced by a company with over 40 years of professional pool service experience!

We offer multi-day pool and spa maintenance contracts for every property we service. Depending on the maintenance requirements of your water-feature, we offer custom maintenance contracts for each property as needed.

Interested in building a swimming pool, spa or custom water feature? Our pool contractors are licensed, bonded, insured and will walk your company through the process from beginning to

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Professional Pool & Spa Maintenance

We offer swimming pool maintenance to all residential and commercial properties throughout Orange County and Los Angeles California. We understand proper pool and spa maintenance is a big responsibility for home owners and commercial properties. For commercial pool maintenance the health and safety of swimmers in Orange County and Los Angeles depends upon proper water balance and care of equipment, and the equipment will depend heavily on the correct amount of chemical balance in order to avoid costly repairs which must be recorded at least 3x per day for state inspections. Pool and spa downtime can cost the pool facility money as well as the potential loss of customers. We always like to remind our commercial clientele that commercial pool equipment is expensive and needs to be serviced and maintained regularly.

Pool & Spa Equipment Repair

When it comes to pool pumps, filtration, and resurfacing/ pool plaster, we like emphasize proper pool maintenance with chemical and equipment handling as the inability to manage these correctly can cost your property thousands is pool repairs. Proper water chemistry maintenance will avoid these long-term costly aquatic pool resurfacing and equipment issues. In regards to pool heater repair, low calcium water will attack metal fittings and heat ex-changers resulting in destruction of the fittings or pinhole leaks in the heater, not to mention when such corrosion occurs, it is also common for stains to appear on pool surfaces.

Ever notice fine-grain-sand in your pool or spa? This might be because one of your pool filters needs repair and sand is making its way back into your pool. This is caused by the laterals inside your pool filter breaking and the need to correct this filter repair or replacement entirely.

We are highly skilled and certified to handle any of your pool and water feature equipment repairs. We service both commercial and residential pool repairs, resurfacing, pump repairs, pool and spa heater repairs, pool filter repairs, and many more swimming pool repair services.

We offer repairs on all pools, spas, saltwater systems, and custom water features.

Pool and Spa Maintenance



Total Alkalinity


Calcium Hardness

Cyanuric Acid Stabilizer (CYA)

Pool Maintenance & Chemistry

It is important for your pool and spa maintenance to remain appropriately regulated and on-point when dealing with water chemistry. Without proper swimming pool maintenance and water chemistry balance, your pool plaster will deteriorate quicker than that of a pool with appropriate chemical balance resulting in you having to hire a pool resurfacing company like us to come in and fix an issue that could have been avoided.

We install professional auto-feeder chemistry regulators on our commercial property as well as some larger residential swimming pools, this is a great way to reduce your pool repair liability.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Your Pool and Spa Services

I have a green pool. What is happening?
Like other types of equipment, regular maintenance is required for filters. When pressure remains high on your filter, it is a sign that maintenance is required. Either refer to your owner's manual or talk to a professional about doing maintenance on your filter.
Why do I have high filter pressure?
Like other types of equipment, regular maintenance is required for filters. When pressure remains high on your filter, it is a sign that maintenance is required. Either refer to your owner's manual or talk to a professional about doing maintenance on your filter.
What is causing a white build up on my pool's water line?
When this happens, you most likely have high levels of calcium in your pool. This is also known as total water hardness. There are a couple of ways to solve this. Your best option is to add water softener.
How can the built up calcium be removed from my pool's water line?
This can be a difficult task. It might take a couple of months, but you can treat the water with chemicals after raising the water level above the line of calcium to remove it. On the other hand, a pumice stone and some elbow grease will work as well.
When does my D.E. filter need to be backwashed?
The owner's manual will have information about when your filter should be backwashed. The timing takes an increase in pressure into account. In general, when the pressure is 10-12 psi higher than it was when the filter was last taken apart and properly cleaned is the right time to do this job.
Why won't water prime my pump?
The most common type of problem with pumps that won't prime is an air leak on the side of the pump that provides suction. The fitting where the pump meets the plumbing is the most common site of the leak. In addition, a valve on the same side may be allowing air to enter.
Why does the D.E. shoot out of the pool returns when I pre-coat my D.E. filter?
Something such as a grid with a hole in it or an internal air bleed may be broken in the filter. When you clean the filter, be sure that all components are thoroughly inspected.
You have service packages. Which one is best for me?
There are a variety of factors to consider before you select a service package such as how many gallons of water are treated, the pool's condition, what type of equipment you have, and the amount of foliage around the pool. That's why we assess each pool's individual needs before we provide our free quotes.
Why does my pool constantly require that I add water?
There are many contributing factors to this problem. Water is removed from your pool due to evaporation due to the heat during summer. In addition, the possibility of leaks in the equipment pad should be checked out. Squishy patches or puddles of water are signs of a water leak. A leak detection specialist can professionally locate a leak if you cannot clearly identify one.
How long does my pump need to run?
The length of time that your pump should run will depend on many different variables. However, during the winter months, I would suggest three to four hours each day. When temperatures dip below freezing, the pump should be run continuously. Six to eight hours of daily pump operation are recommended for the peak summer months. Keep in mind that these times will vary depending upon the individual circumstances.
How often should the skimmer baskets be cleaned?
How often your skimmer baskets need to be cleaned out is dependent upon how much vegetation surrounds your pool and how much of that vegetation makes its way into the baskets. At least once per day, you should check them. While remaining conscious of the changing seasons, you can reduce the number of times you check it to once every two days if you notice that they don't fill up. There is more foliage that falls into pools during autumn.
How often should my pool cleaner's bag be changed?
Again, make a determination about how often to change the bag based upon how much vegetation makes its way into your skimmers. Make a habit of checking once per day. You can decrease this and add another day before checking when the bags remain clear. However, as the seasons change, increase how often you check because conditions do change.
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